Rooms in Nottingham from Livingstone Homes Ltd.

Livingstone Homes takes pride in offering some of the best Rooms in Nottingham for rent - just ask any of our tenants


We have our own letting staff, so we do not use letting agents, and all tenants are given a direct number to call us - we keep our properties well maintained and sort out
any problems or anything that needs fixing straight away


Livingstone Homes is an approved landlord under the East Midlands Landlord Accredited Scheme.


EMLAS is the recognised organisation for landlord standards and training for the Nottingham area. EMLAS ensures that rental properties are of a good standard and comply with all safety regulations such as electrical safety, gas certification etc.




We are one of the first in Nottingham to be awarded the city's "Nottingham Standard". When renting from us you can be confident that your house will comply with the latest legal requirements - gas safety, electrical compliance and fire safety - as well as any of Nottingham City's planning and licensing regulations

We are also members of the National Landlords Asscociation (NLA). This is the leading association for private residential landlords in the UK


The NLA runs ongoing professional development courses for their members - landlords and lettings agents, and provides support and guidance on all matters relating to the residental lettings business

All our tenants' deposits are deposired with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS); they are held securely by the DPS and are returned directly to the tenant by the DPS (less any agreed charges). This means your deposit is safe and protected, and any disputes are resolved by the DPS -


Our properties comply with all the latest health and safety regulations, and have been inspected and approved by Nottingham City Council


Our tenants' safety and comfort is of great importance to us!


"I am currently a tenant in one of Livingstone Homes properties in Nottingham. I was immediately impressed on going to view the property. It is furnished to a high standard, looked after and maintained extremely well. Also there is always someone that you can contact if any problem arises. I would not hesitate in recommending their properties to anyone looking to move into a house of multiple occupancy"

Ellen (Dietician)