What is house-share?

House-share is a great way to live in our really nice houses at an affordable all-inclusive rent.


All our bedrooms are a good size and are your private space – you have your own lockable door. Most of the rooms are en-suite with their own shower, toilet and wash basin, and those that do share a bathroom only share with just one other room. None of our houses have more than two bedrooms sharing one bathroom.


All our houses have a large shared kitchen which is fully equipped with modern appliances – dishwasher, microwave, toaster & kettle. All plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery and pots & pans are supplied.


There is a breakfast bar and/or dining room, and a TV room/sitting room with leather sofas and large

flat-screen TVs. Everything you need to feel really at home!

All inclusive rents?

Yes! You have one rent payment to make to us and this includes all the bills – gas, electric, water and council tax. WiFi broadband is also included in your rent.


Additionally a weekly cleaning service will keep the communal areas and any shared bathrooms spic and span; the garden/outside of the house is also looked after - at no extra cost.


You know exactly how much you have to pay each month with no nasty suprises of extra bills; budgeting your expenditure is made much easier.

Why house-share?

Sharing is almost always cheaper than renting your own place. By sharing you’re able to live in a better standard of property or in a better area than you could probably afford if you wanted to live on your own.


Our sharers are able to benefit from lower rents while living in a really nice house in a great convenient location. As there are no extra bills, they know what they will be paying from month to month so there are no arguments about splitting costs when the gas bill arrives...


House-sharing is very sociable and can be a great way of making fds. Moving to a new city can be rather lonely; in our houses you get to meet other like-minded working professionals and can have an instant social life.


So, you can afford to live in a great house, budget your finances, meet new friends AND save some money towards getting your own place.


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"The house is attractively presented and well finished, and it's clear that the practicalities of house-sharing are really considered and catered for, making it a positive experience all round"


Janie (Speech Therapist)

It is NOT living in someone's spare room...

Moving to a house-share or flat-share with a live-in landlord can be a great experience; the house (or flat) tends to be better looked after as the owner is actually living there, and it can be very sociable if you get on well.


However, these types of accommodation-share tend to be smaller and so relationships can be a bit more "one-on-one" and therefore more intense. If you fall out, you have now fallen out with your house-mate and your landlord!


And even if you do get on well, can you really complain if they play their music too loud - afterall they own the house (or flat)... and who do you complain to if they are untidy or don't do the washing up? You are always a sort of "paying-guest"...


When it comes down to it, living in someone else's home when they are living there as well isn't always easy or a comfortable experience. It is their kitchen, their bathroom, their TV, etc. etc.


With our house-shares all the tenants have equal status. All the house-mates are on the same terms - it is a true shared experience... and if there ever is a problem between sharers, there is an independent live-out manager/landlord to speak to!


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"I really like living in the house, I get on well with the guys and my room is


Patrick (Engineer)